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Airline Adviser like airlines is challenged every day running a business. For many years we have volunteered our time and assisted others. Our webpage has suffered due to time restraints, though our business has a good reputation. Effective September 2017 we are changing our gears and looking to expand.

We will strive to give the industry what is due for which we have always delivered that is professionalism and respect. Call it old school we call basics to a great business no matter what industry. We have been told many times we take our business serious. That is a firm yes and as Paris Air Show starts June 2017 so as we do in making changes for our future as well as yours.

Source Airline Adviser 06/18/17


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Ireland's Only 4-Star Airline

Courtesy Aer Lingus

Today Monday July 11, 2016 Aer Lingus is proud to announce they are the only 4 Star airlines  in Ireland. To have achieved a 4-Star rating from Skytrax, which recognizes our product offering, service and overall guest experience as world-class. 2016 is shaping up to be a standout year in the airline’s history as not only does our transatlantic expansion continue to accelerate and we celebrate 80 years of flying, now we can also we stand proud as Ireland’s only 4-Star airline.

The needs of our guests are central to everything we do and this achievement not only confirms that our service enhancements are responding to those needs, it also confirms our status as global leader within the air travel industry. While our product offering was instrumental in securing the rating, it is our people that then deliver the award-winning, world-class experience each day at the airport, on board and beyond, and this was highlighted by Skytrax in their awarding of the fourth star.

Two years ago, we embarked upon a mission to offer our guests the ultimate travel experience at every point of their journey – from booking on, airport check-in, boarding procedures, to stepping on board the aircraft. The ‘Good to Great’ program revisited each aspect of the Aer Lingus guest experience to identify ways in which to innovate the overall product offering, increase efficiency, provide a more comfortable experience on board and ultimately offer guests a world-class service.

Aer Lingus has made a significant investment over the last 24 months in terms of enhancements to our guest experience, including rigorous training programs for our staff and fleet modernization, in order to be able to upgrade our service from three to four stars. We conducted in-depth research to hear directly from our guests and better understand their needs. This has resulted in a much more innovative and intuitive guest experience. This is evident not only in our Business Class cabins, but in our new website and mobile app, how we use social media channels to meaningfully reach out to our guests, as well as our Premium Check-in and Express Bag Drop at Dublin airport.

We are thrilled to have achieved a 4-Star rating from Skytrax, to receive official recognition for Aer Lingus’ world-class product offering and service. This should be seen as only the start of our journey. We will fight on a daily basis; to maintain that rating; to continue to deliver punctuality better than our competition and to retain a listening ear to our guests.

Source Aer Lingus / Edited By Airline Adviser 07/11/16