As delivered March 2021, this is a statement and press release from Airline Adviser. In 2019 declining needs for our service caused major cutbacks to realign for 2020 a new decade. Then came Coronavirus which we noticed affecting airline industry internationally in January 2020. Coronavirus as we know as Covid19 caused major impact significant damage to the airline industry. Thus, leaving extraordinary number of aircraft grounded and storage facilities seeing increase of demand over 500 percent.

Canadian aviation in North America affected far greater by strict government restrictions even to this day leaving still grounded over a year like Porter Airlines. Air Transat pretty much grounded with a few weeks back press releasing statement that the Air Canada takeover is in peril. A deal that should never had been placed on the table under current economic stability from another source.

This pandemic by far has basically put us 20 years back. Even before Airline Adviser became an existence in October 2008 as a website before it represented itself and became a company. However, September 11, 2001 we saw something in the airline and aviation industry that has never happened since the beginning of flying. For those of us fortunate we got through this and grew from this historic day itself.

Airline Adviser April 5, 2021 will begin back to basics as aviation analyst and consultant. With the options to move forward and grow again in the field we were going before all this happened. Also a serious consideration of changing its name pending some decision by no latter than late May 2021. Discussions are in the pipeline with others as years of history and within airport operations exist. Not letting this experience go to waste the industry itself must adjust to a new normal and projected path. Airport operations worldwide need an adjusted way of operating. We open the doors to offers in airport operations around the world, and other aspects in the airline industry like fleet management and storage. We look forward to a new future and continue with the dedication within

Source Airline Adviser 03/23/21

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