From our humble beginning in October 2008, we launched this site airline adviser. Then over some years became a company for which survived until February 2020 right before the country shutdown in March of 2020 due to a pandemic from Coronavirus. Since then, we never recovered yet kept the site up for many reasons. One main reason is the dedication of the owner of the site that refuses to lay down and disappear.

As we are in the last few weeks of 2021 a new strain of covid19 has appeared. Changing the world yet again and threatened the new growth of global markets. It is a well-known fact and yet incredibly sad that as 2022 is knocking on the door we are still dealing with this. Our predictions and forecast were not a steady and stable recovery until Summer of 2022. We might be on course for that predication as much as we hate to admit it.

Airline Adviser WILL continue to exist but passes all future contacts and opportunities to its affiliate. Effective December 12, 2021. Our design and stories will begin in 2022 depending on the course of action to best serve in a timely manner. There are many great opportunities available on the table just given the time frame and where to be based in the very near future is up in the air. Nothing more top be said at this time as we keep our cards close to the chest. Having learned from the past other competitors have run off with our strategy and ideas. No longer will we tolerate that but here to stay. So, 2022 let us make this count for the more positive and prosperous New Year we like it to be.

Source Airline Adviser 12/12/21