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Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) signed a Framework Purchase Agreement of 30 C919 aircraft with EverBright Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. in Beijing on June 13th, 2017. Thus, COMAC had 24 domestic and foreign customers of C919 aircraft and secured a total of 600 orders.

Mr. Zhang Jinliang, President of China EverBright Bank (CEBB), Mr. Zhang Huayu, Vice President of CEBB and Chairman of EverBright Financial Leasing, Mr. Pan Mingzhong, President of EverBright Financial Leasing, and Mr. Tian Min, CFO of COMAC, attended the signing ceremony.

The first flight of C919 on May 5th was salient and inspiring, and was a milestone in the history of China’s aviation industry. EverBright Financial Leasing would support the development of the China-made civil aircraft as always, and would accelerate the development of China’s aviation manufacturing and transportation industry with the opportunity of the take-off of C919. EverBright Financial Leasing would continue to develop more extensive and in-depth cooperation with COMAC on the research and development, domestic and overseas marketing, etc. of the aircraft.

EverBright Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. is a national financial leasing company jointly established by China EverBright Bank, Wuhan New Harbor Construction & Investment Development Group Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Rail Transit Construction Co., Ltd. subject to the approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and is a subsidiary of China EverBright Bank which has a 90-percent stake. It was incorporated in May 2010 with a registered capital of 3.7 billion yuan, and the registered place is Wuhan, Hubei Province.

Source COMAC / Edited By Airline Adviser 06/19/17

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