As earlier the first thing before pulling up the chair to the office desk was coffee. No matter what, still after many years as owner of Airline Adviser miss Tim Hortons coffee. Now back in the late eighties was a great time for aviation in my mind. Along with that came an airline in 1986 for which was personally flown in the late eighties a few times. Who you ask?

Answer is Air Transat. Now this airline has had it’s up and downs more than some. As to for many specially since the beginning 2020 and up until now. Well, it’s time for something new with an older airline like Air Transat. Its also time for Airline Adviser something old beginning a new as first day officially back today. This includes the site itself much to do over a time to rebuild.

Order of business getting back to basics. Rebuild as Covid19 pandemic has been unprecedented in many ways and extremely difficult. This goes also for the airports and airlines. More restricted and restrictions in Canada than the U.S. Even Airline Adviser is considering many changes like a venue and future business. There is no way old business can be run as today. A whole new world and that is where we like to come in. Given the history and experience over the years. An invitation on the ideas and vision, we have for many including Air Transat. The airline began with many greats like the Lockheed L1011 for which was an experience among some of the older models and other aircraft. One of my personal favorites the Airbus A310 carrying 249 passengers at the time comfortably. There is future for this airline as well as us moving forward.

Source Airline Adviser 04/05/21