There are days in the airline / aviation business you are pleasantly surprised. Interjet is a Mexican airline that has expanded services to Miami international Airport late last year. After some research a solid, user friendly airline.

Ladies you have separate bathrooms on the plane how nice is that. founded in 2005 this airline operates 33 Airbus A320 aircraft to date. In addition they are to be the first Latin Airline to launch the Russian made Sukhoi Superjet 100-95. The have to date 15 on order. Owned entirely by Aleman Group operations run smooth and aircraft are an average of 6.2 years.

Miami airport has seen the demise of Mexicana and Volare Airline that used to serve Miami and Mexico markets. The Latin market is very strong in Miami and only makes clear sense for Interjet to operate. Check out

Source Airline Adviser 04/27/12

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