Friday April 20, 2012 around 5pm local time during a rain storm and low clouds all people on board were killed. Bhoja Air Flight 213 including passengers and crew did not survive the Boeing 737 crash.

Weather reports during the fatal accident were low stormy clouds with downpours. The pilot a former Air force pilot was experienced and various reports are stating the aircraft probably got caught in a downburst while trying to approach Karachi’s Jinnah International airport.

Local witnesses had said they heard an almighty bang and flash of light, others had said they saw the aircraft on fire prior to the crash. The main factor is the weather according to many.  In that kind of condition the pilot would not have been able to control the plane. It is very likely it was caused by a squall or downburst. No other fatalities in the densely populated area near the crash.

The Boeing 737-200 was recently acquired from Shaheen Air in March 2012. Built in 1968 according to reports, is an older version of the Boeing 737 series.  Bhoja Air owner as of Saturday morning has been banned from leaving Pakistan with a statement from the Interior Minister of Pakistan. Bhoja Air also will be looked into as unconfirmed reports about the airlines history.

Source Airline Adviser 04/21/12

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