Due to the current events of the Coronavirus effecting worldwide proportions it is a pandemic. Millions around the world are affected in all types of business. Effective today March 14, 2020 Airline Adviser will combine forces with Fire and Aviation TV. We give them full access to all media posts with twitter and Facebook.

Airline adviser has been around since 2008 providing the airline industry the necessary information and will continue to in the future. Right now, all business and media will be shared with Fire and Aviation TV. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone worldwide in the this and the airline industry. The airline industry will like many things change and this is where we come in. We will focus strictly on airlines and share this information in our new partnership. For now, though the next 30 days we will monitor and address the airline industry through or on behalf of Fire and Aviation TV.

Source Airline Adviser 03/14/20

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