Many countries and millions of other businesses including multiple industries being mandated as Shelter in Place orders. We have been affected more so with global decrease in business. Covid19, coronavirus has devasted the world in so many ways and a major amount of industries.

The airline and aviation industry like many other industries struggles with what Coronavirus has done to this world. We are at an unprecedented juncture and for now will continue to share our sources with Fire and Aviation TV until further notice. There are many airlines in this world hurting to a point of possible no return. There are some that will be grounded and return to the skies on a smaller level. There are some airlines that will take three years to get back to where they were before all this started.

Airline Adviser like many need to make major changes as business is no longer business as usual. Hopefully as some states are beginning phase 1, beginning of May leading to some kind of normality. Other states are still in shelter in place with some recently extended. Understanding this makes us delay any further changes until at least late May or early June 2020. Until then see our twitter or Fire and Aviation TV social media accounts.

Source Airline Adviser 04/29/20

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