Airline Adviser like the entire world and industry got beat up bad. No doubt it still hurts and will for a while longer . It is simple the last 20 years of the airline industry got wiped out in growth. Charts, graphs, speeches or meetings are not going to change anything. The plain simple fact 2021 is a chance to start over again.

Positive approach and sheer respect for those that rose to the occasion. We are concentrated in a major overhaul and making it positively productive in a quite simple fashion. People matter and that is one thing that will not change as we live and let live by forgetting the mistakes and mishaps some airlines may or may not have had.

One thing stuck out as true reminder is what Virgin Atlantic owner and founder Richard Branson said. Everyone in life deserves a second chance. This too goes for business, and maybe a little more forgiving as these are very unprecedented times. It has changed the world we live in from personal sacrifice too. Now is the time to build a stronger base and bond in the industry doing what’s right for those who travel. Those who do business and making it safe to do so. We have made solid relationship with a few companies that we build forward on in positive progress.

Airline Adviser 01/04/21

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