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Coming from many trips the last seven months has brought us back to the office moving forward. Freight and cargo page had suffered from all angles. We have stepped in and cleaned out all the old articles except last years essential that was covered. No small articles or media that was not worth keeping. Major overhaul beginning February 20, 2020.

As we talk about suffering the cargo industry is suffering in magnitudes of unthinkable portions. The coronavirus has the entire global economics of freight forwarding in a tailspin. Stability will come back and backlogs will keep most busy. At this point in time on the commercial side of air travel airlines are grounding flights and one airline is smart enough to shed some of its fleet.

All in all, we need a reset in the industry and now is the best time for us at airline adviser to start remodeling its been two years since we made changes. Business changes at rapid speed compared to ten years ago and we like many need to keep up to pace and current. In addition, we have a new partnership like the airlines we are code sharing. We are code sharing with Fire and Aviation TV. March 2020 you will see more content as we begin our remodel and contacts.

Source Airline Adviser 02/19/20

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