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National Airline Boeing 747 Tragic Cargo Crash

Monday, April 29, 2013 at approximately 1550hrs Afghanistan time a National Airlines flight 102 crashed after briefly after take-off. Raw video of the crash was originally video from a car cam near the airfield. The Boeing 747-400 operating a charter cargo flight for Coalition forces from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

Seven crew members on board died instantly on impact. The FAA is sending an investigation team to the location. Taliban is claiming they took the plane down but after reviewing the video the airline thinks it might be caused due to a load shift

After reviewing the video courtesy of KTLA5 channel Airline Adviser also thinks that it looks more like a load shift that lead to center of gravity condition become unstable and no pilot could control an aircraft once those actions have taken place.

Just by the way the aircraft rolled also brings back to a similar situation. Miami, Florida August 8, 1997 a cargo airline flying a McDonald Douglas DC-8 also had a shift in cargo on take-off. Just after take-off the aircraft stalled and rolled crashing less than half a mile from Miami Airport. After an investigation the cause was a shift of the payloads thus causing the aircraft to crash. To see video footage courtesy of KTLA and on our Facebook page

Source Airline Adviser 04/30/13

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