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US and Asia low numbers in cargo

Air freight in the US and Asia has taken a dip this year to date. The 2016 numbers are way down based on projections. Companies are looking at ways to lower their costs and air cargo has seen a slump this year.

Low cost airlines in the Middle East have not helped cargo based airlines. carries such as Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways ,and Emirates Airlines have increased their cargo traffic by 5.9 per cent. Iata has published the numbers of recent and it is alarming that freight has shifted in its pattern.

Most freight forwarders in Asia and United States have shifted their shipping needs to ocean freight. Late last year many contracts were signed for shipment by cargo ships. This has sent alarms to many air cargo carriers in these areas and even shown in aircraft orders for freight. Farnborough airshow is next week.

Next week we at Airline Adviser are anticipating a lower cargo order for aircraft than years past. See Trade days are July 11 thru 15 and access for Public show is July 16 thru 17. Replacement of older aircraft may go one of two ways. Aircraft too old and three year plan to upgrade fleet. Second option got for slightly older aircraft to maintain existing fleet or a five to ten year plan to slowly replace existing fleet with used aircraft.

Source Airline Adviser 07/07/16

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