No rain no storms no power outages will stop the move to anew terminal. Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport is beginning a brand-new chapter in the history of the airport itself. Starting Wednesday November 6, 2019 with a new entrance to a great new bigger and better airport terminal.

Even though we all move forward with changes the true older more nostalgic airport has a lot of history and stories they will leave behind. Without a doubt it’s a huge project that many have yet to accomplish. There are airports that make changes to existing terminals due to restrains of building out. Others well others just try and make do.

It’s an exciting time in the city’s history for this new terminal but there will be some confusion and nervous travelers. This is where you need to give yourself say around 2 hours before travelling due to new routes and entrance of the airport.

From ride share to even private transportation its going to take time to get use to this. Police department is going to have extra officers on hand to help those travelers along with airport officials its going to be all hands-on deck. We are all excited for this but there will be patience needed too by everyone travelling.

Source Airline Adviser 11/05/19

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