Well its been a long road for many around this world that are in business. From the bottom of our heart to millions affected we know it is a struggle. Frontline hero’s and huge thank you as this world continue to fight a major pandemic, covid19 Coronavirus. We like millions have been shelter in place then once we came out and still today take precautions adhere to mask wearing and social distancing.

Airline Adviser is back and returns today officially October 5, 2020. We are making some major changes to the way we do things and a few similarities. We will no longer be doing daily reports of airport status and many other things. There are three major factors that we now on will be primary

1 Investment – People come first in the airline industry and part of our new major focus investment of airlines and true values

2 Fleet – Any airline from cargo to charter to commercial airline needs aircraft and a structure for fleet

3 Destinations – Where are you needed around this world what is your best and profitable place to fly?

These are the three most important aspects of the new Airline Adviser that started back in October 2008 as a website and then eventually grew into a company that helped many in the industry. We are focused on you in the industry and will advise, assist and work with many in the airline industry. We look forward to a new beginning and re start our engines currently at a phase 2. Where we hope this world will succeed in getting better and move to phase 3, December 3, 2020.

Press Release Airline Adviser 10/05/20

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