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Airline Adviser started out in 2008 as a website. Editor and creator has history and experience in Fire and Aviation along with working at airports.

During this time so much has changed in the world and its come to a time where we have to be efficient. A decision was made in business forming a new partnership with . Airline Adviser has given significant time and energy on a volunteer basis. Former assistance and consultation was at minimal or next to no cost. Now times have changed and we are changing gears.

For domestic major airports we continue to get daily reports and share this information. As far as international including Canada see . This is the link to our new partnership fire and Aviation. TV

Mission and Experience

With years working in airports that gave us the experience. Fast paced major operations working all hours gives wide knowledge in operations and management. Other aviation experience in editing within aviation and marketing comes many years combined.

There is another addition, having served 15 years in the fire service this alone through the ranks up to a Chief status has given us the experience and knowledge. From many facets for the fire service provides to airports and communities safety comes first. Serving is an honor and dedication that goes without question.

This combined experience alone needs no further introduction to lead your airport / airline / company / Fire Service growth towards future success. Dedication to serving and protecting the industry and people’s needs. No further comments other than we are here for you and your safety in mind


We care about people and put you first. There are a few companies in the past that have not treated their passengers or customers right. We are here for everyone that works in the airline and aviation industry. We are here for your safety with all those who fly. We look forward to many years of being actively improving the airline and aviation industry and its safety.

AUSTIN August 2019

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