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Farnborough International Airshow will take place July 22 through July 26, 2024. Our eyes and all others will be looking very closely to who's buying from who. It is acritical time to turn Boeing around and take charge of its own future. Failure is not an option in what we see from us at Airline Adviser.

A time to reset the course for airlines worldwide and careful consideration on planning its own future for Boeing. Never since its early days has the airplane manufacturer had such a disastrous year for which stems to the recent and some current leadership. We look forward to seeing what may transpire. This also gives Airline Adviser website a chance to overhaul and change its course as we are outdated in our performance and layout. This has been stalled since 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic literally destroyed the airline and aviation industry. It almost destroyed us too but time to build back business for this website.

Airline Adviser 07/14/24

Welcome to Airline Adviser website where we work with others. More importantly we are here for you your airline advocacy.

Founded October 2008 as a website in later years we became a company. Unfortunately, March 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic caused the country and airline industry to an almost standstill. As a company we have never recovered from that or any profits since then. As the company is idle on making money the dedication is to keep the website and decision made late January 2024.

We were doing good until 2019 and then towards the end of that year in Asia we like millions were hearing about the thing called Coronavirus. A Worldwide pandemic that destroyed many businesses and lost live by numbers we still can't count. Too many to even begin a discussion. May 2024 the world still hears of Covid-19 in different variants but nothing to that of the year 2020.

Now June 2024 the world has changed way beyond any conversation we are to begin. Let's just say it all began in 2023 and continues to change at a rapid pace that we thought we never see. Out of loyalty and respect we keep this site Airline Adviser up and running. We are not affiliated with those calling themselves of a similar name to ours. Airline Adviser is the ONLY one and original name that was born in October 2008. Any other individual or those trying to replicate are an imposter and fake. We are the original and ONLY Airline Adviser.

We beging to rebuild and learn from recent yerars of events as we will take our time to make this the best possible aviation advisory website. Also avialable on X media platform formerly known as twitter your Airline Adviser Advocacy.

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