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AUSTIN August 2019

Our experience with aviation sector goes back to the late 1980’s when great times rolled along with Rock and Roll President Regan in the white house and then came the airline deregulation. This started back in 1978 Airline Deregulation Act launched a new era in the air transport. However, it was the 1980’s that saw many major changes. It was also the birth of Texas Air Corporation in 1980 for which this along many other with takeovers. A word that was used many times over takeovers which cost many airline jobs.

History is what makes any industry learn from its past. In the airline and aviation industry changes now are more than ever. This is where we are re developing our airlines page to help those in the industry. In September 2019 we witnessed the oldest and biggest European agency linked with Thomas Cook Airlines cease operations. Even Far Eastern Air Transport that millions may never had heard of in the east. Unless you lived in China beginning June 5, 1957 this airline began its operations. As of December 13, 2019 it temporarily came to stop flying. Could this be the end for this airline that had a very long life until now?

We are coming to the end of another decade as 2019 draws to an end and 2020 is knocking on the door. Airlines and manufacturers will have many challenges from the very beginning. The industry itself is in dire straights when it come to a pilot shortage in years to come. Manufacturers are against the wall for demand as millions know there are some serious questions to be answered. There are many bright futures for millions ahead of the new decade we call the twenties. No not the 1920’s the 2020’s with this we have a new business partnership where we will share content from Fire and Aviation TV for more media focus see

From this point our vision is clear now as an airline employee many are with great companies and airlines. We will share the opportunities that this industry brings with those offering job opportunities. Given the time of the year we will beginning posting after the New Year more new opportunities. So, we with you all a great New Year in 2020 and many more to come.

Source Airline Adviser 12/19/19
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Frontier Airlines

From time to time there are openings at airlines. See for interior design inflight

Source Frontier Airlines / Shared by Airline Adviser 10/07/19

SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest offers great opportunity in the aviation industry. If you can’t attend this event why not contact them see

P.S.A. Airlines

Are opening up opportunities. We encourage you to check out their website as they are currently looking see

More to come as we are entering Christmas week and the holiday season. New Years Eve on approach fast . Before we get caught up in the holidays we want to thank everyone this is a great industry. Have great holiday season and Successful New Year 2020.





Frontier Airlines


SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest offers great opportunity in the aviation industry.

P.S.A. Airlines

Simply a great company




Europe and Wor;ldwide


Norwegian Air Shuttle known as Norwegian has gone through some growing pains in 2019 . As we exit one decade and enter another we would like to showcase what we call a old fahioned versus and modern. Take your pick as to what to what you prefer. We are giving this airline a fighting chance to return to s strong but resiliant company see these two video




Vision 2020 coming your way courtesy of Airlines worldwide and Airline Adviser.