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AUSTIN August 2019


Our airlines page is currently being re modelled starting October 2, 2019. Many airlines worldwide have had a rough flight in business. Our experience with aviation sector goes back to the late 1980’s when great times rolled along with Rock and Roll President Regan in the white house and then came the airline deregulation. This started back in 1978 Airline Deregulation Act launched a new era in the air transport. However, it was the 1980’s that saw many major changes. It was also the birth of Texas Air Corporation in 1980 for which this along many other with takeovers. A word that was used many times over takeovers which cost many airline jobs.

History is what makes any industry learn from its past. In the airline and aviation industry changes now are more than ever. This is where we are re developing our airlines page to help those in the industry. In September 2019 we witnessed the oldest and biggest European agency linked with Thomas Cook Airlines cease operations. With this many lost their jobs there was even a report of one flight attendant in the UK being kicked out of their rental property because they lost their job.

Changes are around us constantly in business. Airline industry has continued to show us that. Other industries also in itself. We are very fortunate that there are some airlines that constantly show the world consistency and move with the changes will keep going and growing. Its not easy but it can be done. Along with that we now invite your airline to notify us of job openings.

Of recent in Europe news has come to light where Jet2 have opening for former Thomas Cook Airlines staff. As far as tour operators many other companies are looking to hire from the bankrupt company, Tour Operator Thomas Cook.

Across the globe many hire flight attendants, Pilots, Mechanics. We are here for you in the airlines page giving those the opportunity to seek employment. As far as airlines we encourage you to contact us to help this opportunity for many to work with you. More often than none you can also see our tweets and retweets from many at our twitter account @AirlineAdviser. Good luck and enjoy this great industry.

Source Airline Adviser 10/02/19
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Frontier Airlines

From time to time there are openings at airlines. See for interior design inflight

Source Frontier Airlines / Shared by Airline Adviser 10/07/19

SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest offers great opportunity in the aviation industry. If you can’t attend this event why not contact them see

P.S.A. Airlines

Are opening up opportunities the month of October 2019. We encourage you to check out their website as they are currently looking see




As we mentioned above Jet2 is looking at filling opportunities contact that airline.