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Recent meltdown with Southwest Airlines had more disruptive reaction than ever before. This is not the first time for them but the biggest by far. They have had other meltdowns before as other airline have too. This along with the last calendar year Airline Adviser can no longer sit on the sidelines and operate as a media level only.

Effective immediately we leave the general media source to an associated company. Airline Adviser has a history in working in the airports side of the industry and up until 2018 was a consultant for the industry insiders. We then transferred to media only. Then came the coronavirus which leveled all business in 2020. The website for which was successful and stayed up knowingly that aside from a media perspective there is more we can give back to everyone flying and stand up for pilots and flight attendants

Years ago we boarded an airline with the company logo Airline Adviser and two flight attendants commented “what you going to tell us how to run our airline” . The reply was no we are just a consultant company with aviation experience but maybe one day. That day has come beginning this year 2023.

Not since the deregulation in the 1980; s has the airline industry been such a mess. Unacceptable levels in so many ways. From American Airlines recent reports of cockpit changes to Delta Airlines employees being warned not to unionize these are all stories in this first week of 2023.

Last, but not least some airlines want to reduce the cockpit requirement where only one pilot is able to fly a commercial flight. Unacceptable and incomprehensible that can not happen as so many stories from the history of aviation itself can tell you this is not a viable not safe approach to commercial flights of the future. This all stems from airlines stating they do not have enough pilots and it would cut costs. Cutting costs is not a viable situation whatsoever when it comes to safety.

Source Airline Adviser 01/08/23