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    Porter Airlines Takes Delivery of Their First Embraer E195-E2

    São José dos Campos, Brazil and TORONTO – The first two of 50 Embraer E195-E2 ordered by Porter Airlines have been delivered in a ceremony at Embraer’s headquarters in Brazil late December 2022. Porter’s new E195-E2 fleet will launch the airline’s new elevated economy experience that aims to challenge the economy offering of every North American airline, with a new level of generosity and thoughtful service not seen in contemporary economy air travel.

    Provided by Porter Airlines

    Porter, the North American launch customer for Embraer’s E195-E2, is opening up operations throughout North America, including to the west coast, southern U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean. The aircraft will initially be deployed from Toronto Pearson International Airport, with Halifax, Montreal and Ottawa also seeing new services with the E195-E2. Porter has chosen to configure the 146-seat aircraft in a comfortable 132-seat all-economy configuration, with a variety of seat pitches on offer for their guests: 36, 34, and 30 inches.

    “The official delivery of these aircraft is the beginning of a new era for Porter,” said Michael Deluce, president and CEO, Porter Airlines. “The E195-E2 enables us to reach across the continent, beyond our Eastern Canada roots, while introducing a level of service for economy air travelers that no other North American airline provides. It’s an enhanced experience that builds on our reputation for providing an elevated level of service to every passenger at reasonable prices in a single class of service. The first planes are ready to fly to Canada later this month before going into regular service in February.”

    Arjan Meijer, president and CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation, said, “Porter is focused on delivering what we all want – making the air travel experience a pleasure rather than a pain. Along with their exciting levels of service and generosity, Porter’s entire fleet is also without the dreaded middle seat and will also satisfy the sustainability needs of Porter’s guests. The E195-E2 is the most environmentally friendly single-aisle aircraft, at 65% quieter and up to 25% cleaner than previous-generation aircraft. It has the lowest fuel consumption per seat and per trip among 120- to 150-seat aircraft and is the quietest single-aisle jet flying today.”

    In total, Porter has orders with Embraer for up to 100 E195-E2 aircraft; 50 firm commitments and 50 purchase rights. In 2021, Porter ordered 30 Embraer E195-E2 jets, with purchase rights for a further 50 aircraft, worth US$5.82 billion at list price, with all options exercised. A firm order for a further 20 aircraft followed in 2022, valued at US$1.56 billion,

    Source Porter Airlines and shared by Fire and Aviation TV / Edited by Airline Adviser 01/12/23.

    Ground Stop Earlier Today For ALL Domestic Flights

    Overnight the NOTAM system from the F.A.A. was down. This is a first and left millions stranded in Canada and U.S. Between 9am and 9.30am EST the system came back online however this did not restore everything immediately. As many airports and airlines started moving it took others longer to re start operations.

    Pilots had never seen NOTAM down and brought the industry to a halt with surprise. Both American and Unite airlines were some of the first to report it had suspended all flights including inbound and out bound international flights as well as all domestic. Canada airspace was also affected as F.A.A maintains all services to Canada as part of the U.S. known as the North American airspace.

    Another major headache for all flight personnel along with all of us that fly. It’s extremely unfortunate and was without warning. President Biden earlier today said it was a system failure and not of any intentional attacks to the system. Today marked an event that nobody ever experienced or imagine. Unfortunate but nothing we can do about this at Airline Adviser. As an advocacy for pilots, flight attendants and all of us that fly this is one event that was out of everyone’s hands and no action other that the agencies to be try and prevent ever happening again.

    Source Airline Adviser 01/11/23

    Airline Adviser Advocacy for People Travelling and Industry Professionals

    Recent meltdown with Southwest Airlines had more disruptive reaction than ever before. This is not the first time for them but the biggest by far. They have had other meltdowns before as other airline have too. This along with the last calendar year Airline Adviser can no longer sit on the sidelines and operate as a media level only.

    Effective immediately we leave the general media source to an associated company. Airline Adviser has a history in working in the airports side of the industry and up until 2018 was a consultant for the industry insiders. We then transferred to media only. Then came the coronavirus which leveled all business in 2020. The website for which was successful and stayed up knowingly that aside from a media perspective there is more we can give back to everyone flying and stand up for pilots and flight attendants

    Years ago we boarded an airline with the company logo Airline Adviser and two flight attendants commented “what you going to tell us how to run our airline” . The reply was no we are just a consultant company with aviation experience but maybe one day. That day has come beginning this year 2023.

    Not since the deregulation in the 1980; s has the airline industry been such a mess. Unacceptable levels in so many ways. From American Airlines recent reports of cockpit changes to Delta Airlines employees being warned not to unionize these are all stories in this first week of 2023.

    Last, but not least some airlines want to reduce the cockpit requirement where only one pilot is able to fly a commercial flight. Unacceptable and incomprehensible that can not happen as so many stories from the history of aviation itself can tell you this is not a viable not safe approach to commercial flights of the future. This all stems from airlines stating they do not have enough pilots and it would cut costs. Cutting costs is not a viable situation whatsoever when it comes to safety.

    Source Airline Adviser 01/08/23

    Airline Adviser Home Return 2022

    That title says everything where last few years has been extremely challenging. As far as we can say is this, we are grateful for our experience and years prior to March 2020. When the country got locked down as airlines around the world basically put the majority of aircraft in storage so did Airline Adviser.

    Air travel bounced back so fast a complete meltdown of reliable air service around the globe. With this and other opportunities that are ahead of us we are proud to announce the official return and rebirth of Airline Adviser September 2, 2022. We are the ONLY and original Airline Adviser as we have noticed there is an individual out there with social media calling themselves airline s adviser. They are not any way a part or can not represent themselves as us.

    Welcome to the ONLY Airline Adviser and website we are the original and have done since 2008. As we return it will take a surmountable time to get back where we were before all the pandemic shutdowns. Thus, you could say Airline Adviser 2.0. There is also one other thing about Airline Adviser that you will notice as time moves on as now owned by a major company in the wings. See you this fall and excited to get back even though it will be slowly.

    Airline Adviser 08/24/22

    Tides of Time Change Fleet Outlook

    Many of you ask what happened to the long ranged four engine beauties. Well coronavirus pandemic sealed the decision of that in many forms of fleet necessity. Another factor of fuel consumption along the way over the years. Lastly eco friendly need to protect the eco system and try to stop climate change. Prevent it, no we are too far gone slow it down we can.

    From late 1960’s to early 1970’s seen the birth of the Boeing 747 and proud flagship of fleets for many including the Pan Am days. For many years, the 747 was the queen of the skies. Late 1980’s seen Airbus build its first Airbus A340 that was launched In June 1987. Four engine long range focused that outperforms the former Airbus A300 and A310. At the time this was the answer to Boeing. Little if any conversation back then about fuel consumption, ecofriendly or climate change. Even though in the 1990’s many in the scientific world were already sounding the alarms.

    Fast forward to the launch of the Airbus A380 first flight April 27, 2005. Even in the late eighties it was a dream and concept first though, at Airbus. Secretly developing an ultra-high-capacity airliner (UHCA) Singapore Airlines was the first to fly commercially on October 25, 2007. Now 90 per cent of these high capacity four engine aircraft are grounded still due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many like the original are scrapped or sit idle at storage facility somewhere across the globe. The world and climate got a reprieve and able to breath.

    Now as many markets start to come out of this extremely long dark tunnel and grounding what lays ahead you ask. Well without giving you all the answers each airline has its own needs and requests. Though for many we strongly recommend a change in fleet outlook for the future, and some have already got this right. We applaud those for making the right choice but one thing you have to remember flying on two engines. In the event of a situation and suitable diversion airport the old rule of thumb was 60 minute maximum. Over the years long distance over water has seen some tragic and some tense yet remarkable landings with engine failure. From years of research and analyst within we have seen and reported the changes. With this alone development, planning, and marketing will always play a role and this is where we look ahead like many. Our services and years of this can be benefit your airline.

    Source Airline Adviser 05/20/21

    Canadian Aviation Update May 18, 2021

    Several airlines have made announcements of recent about June and July. A restart of operations in smaller and regional airports that they abandoned earlier at the beginning of Covid19 and restrictions.

    Air Transat sale to a Quebec businessman is stepping back at the time of press. Even though the Canadian Government awarded them some relief and finances still they are grounded. Air Transat said they were Staying grounded until July 29, 2021. Although having received a grant for the government of C$ 700 million, question is what is going on?

    Porter Airlines just announced they pushed back the return now until July 20, 2021. This is yet another setback due to Covid19 and strict restrictions in Canada. Porter Airlines has been grounded since Match 2020. There sits its fleet of twenty-eight Dash 8’s.

    The most impacted is Billy Bishop Airport in Ontario that has seen a severe lack or revenue and commercial flights. July 2020 the airport launched a “Safe Travels Program”. This was to ensure operational and safety measures to protect those at the airport and travel.

    The Canadian Government is now considering and have discussions about opening the border to the U.S. soon for non-essential travel too. Since March 21, 2020 the borders have been closed for non-essential travel. Meanwhile major restrictions at the airports and only four major airports can accept commercial flight service from international destinations. Lastly recent month all flights to India were banned and then as of now all flights in and out of Israel – Tel Aviv are suspended due to current situation.

    Source Airline Adviser 05/18/21

    First Day Back and Order of Business

    As earlier the first thing before pulling up the chair to the office desk was coffee. No matter what, still after many years as owner of Airline Adviser miss Tim Hortons coffee. Now back in the late eighties was a great time for aviation in my mind. Along with that came an airline in 1986 for which was personally flown in the late eighties a few times. Who you ask?

    Answer is Air Transat. Now this airline has had it’s up and downs more than some. As to for many specially since the beginning 2020 and up until now. Well, it’s time for something new with an older airline like Air Transat. Its also time for Airline Adviser something old beginning a new as first day officially back today. This includes the site itself much to do over a time to rebuild.

    Order of business getting back to basics. Rebuild as Covid19 pandemic has been unprecedented in many ways and extremely difficult. This goes also for the airports and airlines. More restricted and restrictions in Canada than the U.S. Even Airline Adviser is considering many changes like a venue and future business. There is no way old business can be run as today. A whole new world and that is where we like to come in. Given the history and experience over the years. An invitation on the ideas and vision, we have for many including Air Transat. The airline began with many greats like the Lockheed L1011 for which was an experience among some of the older models and other aircraft. One of my personal favorites the Airbus A310 carrying 249 passengers at the time comfortably. There is future for this airline as well as us moving forward.

    Source Airline Adviser 04/05/21

    Airline Adviser Statement March 23, 2021

    As delivered March 2021, this is a statement and press release from Airline Adviser. In 2019 declining needs for our service caused major cutbacks to realign for 2020 a new decade. Then came Coronavirus which we noticed affecting airline industry internationally in January 2020. Coronavirus as we know as Covid19 caused major impact significant damage to the airline industry. Thus, leaving extraordinary number of aircraft grounded and storage facilities seeing increase of demand over 500 percent.

    Canadian aviation in North America affected far greater by strict government restrictions even to this day leaving still grounded over a year like Porter Airlines. Air Transat pretty much grounded with a few weeks back press releasing statement that the Air Canada takeover is in peril. A deal that should never had been placed on the table under current economic stability from another source.

    This pandemic by far has basically put us 20 years back. Even before Airline Adviser became an existence in October 2008 as a website before it represented itself and became a company. However, September 11, 2001 we saw something in the airline and aviation industry that has never happened since the beginning of flying. For those of us fortunate we got through this and grew from this historic day itself.

    Airline Adviser April 5, 2021 will begin back to basics as aviation analyst and consultant. With the options to move forward and grow again in the field we were going before all this happened. Also a serious consideration of changing its name pending some decision by no latter than late May 2021. Discussions are in the pipeline with others as years of history and within airport operations exist. Not letting this experience go to waste the industry itself must adjust to a new normal and projected path. Airport operations worldwide need an adjusted way of operating. We open the doors to offers in airport operations around the world, and other aspects in the airline industry like fleet management and storage. We look forward to a new future and continue with the dedication within

    Source Airline Adviser 03/23/21

    Alaska Airlines Boosts 737 MAX to 120 Jets

    SEATTLE, /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Alaska Airlines announced that the carrier is buying 23 more 737-9 airplanes, building on its original order and an agreement last month to acquire new 737-9s through lease. The new deal brings Alaska Airlines’ total 737 MAX orders and options to 120 airplanes, which will give the fifth largest U.S. carrier the scale, efficiency and flexibility to expand as air travel recovers.

    “We are extremely proud to be announcing this transformative agreement with Boeing,” said Brad Tilden, CEO of Alaska Air Group. “We believe in this airplane, we believe in our strong partnership with Boeing, and we believe in the future of Alaska Airlines and the incredible opportunities ahead as we climb our way out of this pandemic.”

    Alaska Airlines, a longtime Boeing 737 operator, placed an order for 32 737-9 jets in 2012 as part of its fleet modernization program. The 737-9 is a member of the 737 MAX family that is designed to offer more fuel efficiency, reliability and flexibility in the single-aisle airplane market. Last month, Alaska Airlines announced it is expanding its commitment to the 737 MAX program by leasing 13 new 737-9s while selling some A320 jets it had taken on through its acquisition of Virgin America.

    The new agreement announced last week will add 23 firm orders for the 737-9 and more options for future purchases. In all, Alaska will have 52 options which, if fully exercised, would take the carrier to as many as 120 737 MAX airplanes. The airline said the deal moves it toward a more efficient, all-Boeing mainline fleet that will “enhance the guest experience, improve operational performance and support the company’s growth.”

    “Alaska Airlines has done a tremendous job of weathering the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic and is well positioned to return to its growth trajectory and strengthen its standing as one of the top U.S. airlines. With Alaska’s industry-leading reputation for safety, sustainability and customer service, we are honored they have chosen to invest in their future with a significant purchase of additional Boeing 737 airplanes,” said Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “We are grateful for Alaska’s trust and partnership. Our team is focused on delivering their first 737 MAX jets and helping ensure a safe and seamless entry into service.”

    Alaska Airlines says the 737 – equipped with new, more fuel-efficient engines and improved aerodynamics – will use 20% less fuel and reduce emissions by 20% per seat compared to airplanes it replaces. The airline will configure the jet with 178 seats in a three-class configuration. The plane can fly 3,550 nautical miles, about 600 miles more than its predecessor.

    Source Boeing / Edited by Airline Adviser 12/28/20

    Airlines – Coronavirus and Fleet

    December 2, 2020 the world we know finds itself still struggling with the coronavirus. Vietnam recently became the next to sound the alarms as a local transmission reported after 89 days of clear and free of Covid19. Sunday 22 November Shanghai Pudong International airport became a center of panic and chaos. Why, because a few cargo ramp employees tested positive at the airport. Even cargo operations came to a standstill that day. Since then the airport is operating. Back here is the states Los Angeles and parts of California being close to calling a mandatory stay at home order. This is if they cannot get to grips of huge surge overwhelming hospitals. This too can put the brakes on airport and airline travel in that region. Airline Adviser was going to phase 3 December 3, 2020 yet we too have paused until January 4, 2021. Until then we operate under our version of phase 2.  

    Airlines are looking to congress for more relief as too are many others. Summer months were projecting better days ahead until this second wave came through. Good news is there is a vaccine on the horizon and hopefully in the early months of 2021 will eventually be available to millions of people not just military, medical staff, hospitals and first responders. The other huge obstacle is not so much an obstacle just logistical is distributing by air to locations. First airline to do that recently reported United Airlines charter flight.

    Courtesy Fire and Aviation TV Authorizing Airline Adviser

    Many airlines at the beginning of the global pandemic switched to flying Cargo flights even on the earlier days of 2020. They were strapping cargo into seats on what would normally be a commercial flight. Even American Airlines flew its first all-cargo flight in its commercial airline history this year. Singapore Airlines is rapidly converting some Boeing 767 aircraft into cargo configuration. Boeing has opened its second conversion facility in Singapore at ST Engineering facility. Thus, making the Boeing 767 -300 into a BCF.

    Many airlines have grounded their fleet around the world and for many during the financial restrains could be the end of the line for that particular airline, It could also be the end of the line of that particular aircraft forever. Some airlines are merely mothballing their fleets of be it Airbus A380 or Boeing 777 aircraft for example. This is where we come in at Airline Adviser in 2021 and years ahead. For airlines and fleet worldwide, it has excelled the rate of retirement of certain aircraft makes and models. One airline, Emirates plans on returning some of its A380 aircraft out of storage in 2022. Focusing on the future are airlines and one by one will make their own decision on what coronavirus has left them and the fleet they intend to operate if they are the airline still flying.

    Source Airline Adviser 12/02/20

    Saturday March 14, 2020 Airline Adviser

    Due to the current events of the Coronavirus effecting worldwide proportions it is a pandemic. Millions around the world are affected in all types of business. Effective today March 14, 2020 Airline Adviser will combine forces with Fire and Aviation TV. We give them full access to all media posts with twitter and Facebook.

    Airline adviser has been around since 2008 providing the airline industry the necessary information and will continue to in the future. Right now, all business and media will be shared with Fire and Aviation TV. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone worldwide in the this and the airline industry. The airline industry will like many things change and this is where we come in. We will focus strictly on airlines and share this information in our new partnership. For now, though the next 30 days we will monitor and address the airline industry through or on behalf of Fire and Aviation TV.

    Source Airline Adviser 03/14/20

    Airline Adviser Statement March 5, 2020

    With the last 2 months of heavy travel within the U.S for business we like millions are very concerned regarding CoronaVirus. It’s becoming very clear it’s a worldwide epidemic in no uncertain terms. We will be slowing our travel needs. The airline industry is looking at billions of lost revenue and some will not survive. Just last night FlyBe with the assistance of our partners shared media posts of the strong possibility it will cease flying. Today March 5, 2020 the airline ceased operating. There will be others and flying is going change for now.

    Late last year we partnered up with Fire and Aviation TV and the pure saturation of media posts have been overwhelming. We are taking control and change our vision for the future to better serve the industry. For more in-depth coverage we recommend you go to twitter to see the posts.

    On September 11, 2001 the world was shocked and aviation industry came to a standstill. Having personally returned from New York from a long overdue vacation September 10, 2001 the very next morning at work and at an airport location. Never had we ever seen anything like it since the beginning of flight and the birth of aviation.

    We have been a website since October 2008 offering a part of us to the airline and aviation industry. A lot said and done since 2008 feels like a many lifetime’s over.  We have seen so much happen in the industry and built some great business relationships over the years. Late 2019 like the airlines we codeshare now like the airlines say. The only one we share with is Fire and Aviation TV.

    Now is the time starting March 6, 2020 where this world needs all the help it can get. Looking today at pictures from someone taken at Hong Kong International Airport tells the story loud and clear. Aviation and airline will battle the Coronavirus. Some will come through, but it is the end of a ten-year growth in the airline industry period.  

    So, starting March 6, 2020 we are letting Fire and Aviation TV cover most media posts via social media outlets twitter and Facebook. We will still use our accounts on twitter and Facebook as Airline Adviser will change its outlook. We are strictly aviation and airline committed but as we all know there is more than just airlines at an airport. This is where fire and rescue are always a part of the industry. We have volunteered many years of service and contributed to the industry. We still this day forward will be committed but more so for Fire and Aviation TV. This is the time both industries need for us to come together and the industry worldwide need us like no other on media.

    New life to our site and true different meaning as a part of the industry. It will take weeks to turn everything around so changes will take place slowly but still up and running, it is our deepest heartfelt feeling to be there for you. One thing we truly believe in ,and said that became our logo stays the same is “People matter we care”  

    Source Airline Adviser 03/05/20

    China, Coronavirus and Economics

    As the close of bell on trading in wall street the spread of Corona Virus causes concern. Stocks dropped 100 points with more growing fears at the end of Thursday 13 February. We are in a world of hurt from the virus to economics as the airline industry is severely affected. Imports too are feeling the affect.

    All major carries in the US and foreign airlines have put the brakes on flights to many areas affected. Macau International Airport is operating only a fraction of flights compared to its normal operations. Many other airports are affected like Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Looking over at our international division that shows flights from various Asian and China airports affected.

    Long term affects many airlines USA to Asian airlines like Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong Express. and many others to name. Even today flights to Germany recently came to a halt like the flights to Berlin. Global ramifications in the light of the Corona Virus to try and quarantine those areas and protect others. Sure, frustrations will grow both economically and financially for many airlines. Health and safety come’s first for which something of this magnitude was not expected or considered in any company’s financial adjustments.

    There will be a fallout in the airline industry for those that already operate under tight profit margins. Long term adjustments need to be made. Cathay Pacific recently asked for its employees to take a three-week unpaid vacation to help adjust all the flight cancelations due to the Corona Virus. Last year Hong Kong was affected by many demonstrations where up until September 2019 affected the airport itself.

    Across the globe signs of this have affected people’s perception and fears. You can see many wearing masks at airports like at Los Angeles International where we just came from. All major airports are taking the necessary precautions to protect people coming from other parts of the world. Tom Bradley terminal was a sight that even us the seasoned traveler realize the severity of peoples concerns.

    To date the Olympics that are scheduled to take place July 24 thru August 9 are not affected and still plan to go ahead. This was announced today despite other sports before those date like some Golf and racing events earlier this year postponed until further notice. Once global control and federal public health agencies give the green light. Then and only then will airlines be able to start scheduling future flights. Not until then and governments give the all clear can we expect any normal operational flights. Now might be a good time for many airlines to re group and anticipate and modified schedule or fleet for capacity. No matter what the situation at least Etihad Airways before all this had announced over a week ago it as selling 38 of its 114 aircraft in fleet to try and become profitable again. Maybe some airlines feeling the affect of the current situation need to take some advice and cutback.


    Source Fire and Aviation TV / Shared Authorization to Airline Adviser 02/13/20

    Boeing Officially Stops 737 – 800 Max Production

    Courtesy Boeing

    At approximately 10.30am central time Tuesday 21 January we received word that Boeing had officially stopped production of the Boeing 737 – 800 max planes. It has been said that they actually stopped last night Monday 20 January, but this has not been confirmed. We will go with the original.

    There comes a time where in business we have to restart a project, a program, and even a product. Not a one for recreating the wheel but being pro-active. The time has come for Boeing and the max 8 to temporarily stop production. From today forward the next 60 days are peril for the aircraft manufacturer as production line and employees of Boeing that worked on this line are not online. They will be paid for the next 60 day based on various sources. Many a media outlet has reported the same.

    We have and in addition to others including yesterday at a conference in Dublin Ireland Monday January 20, 2020 stated there needs to be change. Udvar – Hazy the founder and chairman of Air Lease Corp has made a statement the name max should not be the name of the aircraft anymore. We have said the same too. Boeing for the love of your product and the future of this aircraft you need to change the name.

    There are many people who travel that may not be as informed as those in the industry. For those who may fly in the future a clear and precise identification of this model and make need to be removed far from its original name. We have suggestions and a clear marketing idea that could clearly make it to everyone in the future. There comes a time in life itself that information is clearly a great piece of mind. It eases our thought process and thinking of what’s to come when we are more informed.

    Boeing is working hard with the Federal Aviation Authority and other regulators around the world to try and get the aircraft re-certified. At this juncture though the new C.E.O. is David Calhoun who replaced Dennis Muilenburg January 13, 2020. With so much at stake it comes to a point where something has to change.

    Source Fire and Aviation TV / Authorized share with Airline Adviser 01/21/20

    Unknown Cause of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 Crash

    Flight 752 of Ukraine International airlines was climbing Wednesday morning out of Tehran’s Imam International Airport. The flight took off at 6.12am local time. During that time the flight reached about 8,000 feet when it suddenly lost contact on radar with ground control. Reports estimate 176 people on board including crew members of the airline.

    Amateur video was caught in the early morning sky supposedly by a bystander of the Boeing 737 as it lit up the night sky and exploded on impact. Various sources speculate it was not a mechanical failure as originally reported but more like other reasons. During the video and other witness seeing this Boeing 737 plane show fire coming from the engine and an unusual but possible explosion before impact.

    Sources say the three-year-old aircraft was recently inspected January 6 on routine maintenance. It is way too early to say what was the cause of the plane to crash. There are speculations going around as recently it that area bombings by missiles were used against American Bases in Iraq. Until the black box and a full investigation can be done there is no conclusive evidence as to how this happened.

    The aircraft was delivered to Ukraine International Airlines in 2016 and in good condition. It was on a commercial flight to Kyiv, Ukraine with many different nationalities on board. Reports say Canadians, British, Swedish, Germans, Iranians, and Afghans were on board this flight.

    The U.S National Transportation are monitoring as they need to be invited into the country to investigate. With U.S. sanctions against Iran they need special permission to do so. Relations between Boeing, and Iran are not good at the time of the crash. At this time of release sources are saying there might be a problem in obtaining the black boxes. Being is closely monitoring and trying to assist in this Boeing 737-800 crash.

    Source Fire and Aviation TV. Authorized share to Airline Adviser 01/08/20