Commercial Aircraft

Airbus A380

Covid 19 casualty of manufacturing for Airbus was the last A380 – MSN 272 which took its first flight March 17, 2021. This is the last Airbus A380 ever from production. We begin moving forward as if we were starting over. For Airbus Industries will leave a huge area with no more new A380 aircraft being built. What’s next stay tuned to this page and other for Commercial Aircraft. A new beginning on the horizon.

Video Courtesy Airbus / Editorial Airline Adviser 03/24/21

Boeing 787 - 10 series

Boeing celebrated 100 years July 2016. There have been tough times at Boeing in 2019 as we know. This will be the end of another decade with 2020 begining another. A true company changes will be made as the new decade begins with it. 

We like to shift gears and for now share the boeing 787-10 series aircraft. A true dreamliner speaks for itself. Stay strong.

Boeing 777 X

Boeing by far has had the toughest year in 2020 to date. Out of all the manufacturers of commercial aircraft. January 2020 the world knew about coronavirus in Asia. January 2020 was the beginning and first flight of the Boeing 777X.

December 2020 and the Boeing Max 8 certified to fly again officially November 2020. This does not mean the Boeing 777X program is over. Not at all this is a project that will continue and a commercial aircraft we will be seeing in the future.

Airbus A350

Airbus even though not as long as Boeing has proceeded to place their latest models to the world’s airlines attention with many record breaking orders. The video we share is of the Airbus A350 that looks to excel past the need of a Boeing 747 in today’s day and age. Video courtesy of Airbus Industries.

Airbus A350 XWB

Airbus Industries like many other manufacturesrs are working constantly to improve both safety and fuel effencincy. The Airbus A350 has grown to become a major factor in the airline and aviation industry. December 2019 brings new Cockpit touch screen displays. Courtesy of Airbus Industries we share this video with you. December 19, 2019

Airbus A 220

No longer a Bombardier aicraft Airbus brought imto the airccraft and design rapdily making into the Airbus A220.

Recently celebrating the 100th A220 which is a milestone for which another company had a true dream. Airbus and others proudly celebrated this in November 2019 we are sharing the success story behing a great aircraft that many airlines operte. 

Airbus A220 - 300 

September 2019 Egypt Air took delivery of its first A220 - 300 Series aircraft. We showcase  the making of the airbus aicraft courtesy of Airbus Industries and Egyrpt Air. 


 Here is a video courtesy of Embraer and the E2 jets. You can see above the most recent development of the E2 with its maiden flight December 12, 2019. Enjoy we hope this give you more knowledge and excitement of this new model from Embraer E175 E2 Jet aircraft.

Bombardier Q400

We like the rest of the airline industry welcome Bombardier to the medium to short haul market. Since we have displaying Jets you must not forget one of the best turboprops is the next generation Bombardier Aerospace Q400.