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Commercial Aircraft

Commercial Aircraft

With the beginning of October 2019, we are in the process of a complete overhaul of this page. As we have learned from years past, we are not announcing what exactly we are planning as some competition in the past run with our ideas. With many other aspects and joint ventures, we will make the changes in due time. Commercial aircraft is what we fly these days and for some manufacturers its been a very hard road this year 2019. Stay tuned were be back on this page latter this month with more to come.

Source Airline Adviser 10/02/19


Embraer is a unique manufacturer that in our mind is one of the greatest short haul and assets to any airline. Here is a video courtesy of Embraer and the E2 jets


Boeing has just celebrated 100 years July 2016. We like to share and reflect back with this video courtesy of Boeing Airplanes


Airbus even though not as long as Boeing has proceeded to place their latest models to the world’s airlines attention with many record breaking orders. The video we share is of the Airbus A350 that looks to excel past the need of a Boeing 747 in today’s day and age. Video courtesy of Airbus Industries.


We like the rest of the airline industry welcome Bombardier to the medium to short haul market. Relatively new to this market they have spent millions and years in development to get to proving us with a completed aircraft. This video portrays Delta Airlines order in spring 2016 courtesy of Bombardier.