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US Airways

Merger Cleared For Take-off

As we all prepped the Turkey, shopped for cranberry juice or packed our bags for a flight. One last airline to shop for now as two becomes one. US Airways and American Airlines on Wednesday were given the all clear to merge from all suits that blocked earlier in august of this year. The U.S…

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US Airways and American Airlines Potential Merger Closer

Labor Day weekend is upon us and after reading and following this possible merger for a long time we are skeptical as to the job losses. Without a doubt from the Delta / NWA merger it broke up a great family within Northwest. Being involved in the airline industry on and off since mid-1980’s many…

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American Airlines Merge or Independence

As time moves forward we all have to make changes and adjustments. As one profession says we have to learn, change and adapt. Right now American Airlines as we all know are under chapter 11 and intend according to Mr. Horton to change within. Here is a clip of his letter to employees of American…

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US Airways Aggressive For Merger

As time moves forward what the flying public knows and what really happens are sometimes two different versions. US Airways is seeking aggressively a merger with American Airlines. AMR Corp C.E.O. Tom Horton in recent weeks stated “the timing is not right” in regards to a merger.  It seems all the moves are being made…

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