Thai Airways Saying Goodbye to the Queen

A Fanfare and farewell to the Queen of the skies. Thai airways saying goodbye to the Boeing 747-400 last of its jumbo fleet. This event and gala took place April 23, 2024, in a fitting event full of tears and emotions.

When covid-19 pandemic came around March 2020 also forced the early retirement of the airbus A380. Many of the aircraft from Thai airways still sit dormant at Bangkok Airport. That is now 4 years sitting and no movement or flight.

Thai Airway is also going through major restructuring of the airline due to the pandemic and financial losses over the years since then. On May 17, 2023, they reached a resolution to restructure the airline and almost a year to that date things are slowly showing signs of prosperity. Along with shedding the larger aircraft and orders for more fuel efficient and latest in the aviation industry. Already flying a fleet of Airbus A350’s Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

This May 2024 and future month in this year would be a great opportunity to start negotiations with airports in the US and other long-term development on the international markets. Over the years many long-distance international flights were terminated in the airline’s routes. We look forward to seeing and future discussion of the long-distance international markets from Thailand with Thia Airways

Source Fire and Aviation TV / Shared by Airline Adviser April 29, 2024