Monday September 23 in United Kingdom in the early hours Thomas Cook the world’s oldest travel company ceased operations. Therefore, Thomas Cook Airlines no longer flying stranded passengers everywhere. The best thing though is the United Kingdom made sure that would not be the case with the biggest air lift since the world war 2. This is one event the C.A.A. and British Government had plans in place if this event came about.

Condor Airlines is appealing to the German government as they were a major provider and link to Thomas Cook Airlines. They are still flying as we currently writing this article. Lufthansa may step in when it comes to Condor Airlines. This is yet to be decided and mentioned by Lufthansa . Condor Airlines long before Thomas Cook logos were placed on the aircraft and operated by was a strong airline. The earlier days when Boeing 707 and DC-10 aircraft were in the fleet it would not be without charter flights along with regular flight schedules.

So far in 2019 there are many airlines that have ceased to fly the skies with many others mentioning that they are in financial trouble. Not since the late 80’s with deregulation in the states have we or the industry seen so much change. It’s not over yet more to come in the next 18 – 24 months there be more going and new start ups showing . The latest in a string of airlines are Jet Airways from India, Aigle Azur and XL Airways from France. Today September 23, 2019 in the early hours of the morning Thomas Cook Airlines, British based along with the world’s oldest tour operator ceased operations. For months there was public knowledge of Thomas Cooks trouble and this is where the C.A.A. and British government had a plan where they are fully prepared. We applaud them for this, and many other countries could learn from them.

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Source Airline Adviser 09/23/19

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